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Casey Robb, Writer

Welcome to my website!


My poetry has won many awards. And my stories have appeared in Menda City Review, Fiction on the Web, Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, Foundling Review, Kaleidoscope, The Literary Nest, Sweet Tree Review, Dime Show Review, the 2018 Write Well Award Anthology, and Poydras Review.

So who am I? An ex-physical therapist and civil engineer. And some of my many quirks include world traveler, history buff, voracious reader, guitar player, fiddler, quilter, photographer, equestrian, and Spanish speaker who lived two years in Mexico and landed in a Mexican​ jail (yikes!). And saving the best for last... a single adoptive mom -- now that's an adventure!



The Devil's Grip

Valentine's Day

Chuck, a bungling physical therapy assistant, rushes to meet his Miss Perfect fiancé at the airport for a Valentine getaway, but soon discovers a stowaway—his young patient—and she has other ideas for her “Mr. Chuck.” Between the cops, his Rottweiler, and his girlfriend’s infuriated phone calls, he just can’t win. Or can he?

Rusty, a young man with cerebral palsy, lives in West Texas with his mom and older brother. His dream, his passion, is to become a geologist. His brother tries to stop him. But why? And will Rusty meet the challenge?

Read in the anthology on Amazon: In the Between.

You Takin' Me to Paisley, or What?

Homer, a widowed, small-town Okie, abandons his safe, dull life and heads west in his new RV where he meets this... well... hitchhiker "girl." Her large figure and mane are embellished with feathers and beads, and her substantial cleavage lies in wait under her strawberry coat. He shakes his head. "Aw, a girl can't do no harm." And the adventure begins.

The Rabbit Trap

"Will lay on his canvas cot, listening. Across the dark room, his older brother Tad shifted on his bed. Probably midnight already. Is Mama home? Nope. Ain’t back yet, I guess. Will always heard her come in, maybe two o’clock, maybe three, when her flapper friends would drop her off over yonder at the dirt drive, all laughing and talking, stone drunk from that goddamn speakeasy, and she’d stagger to her room and collapse on her squeaky bed till late morning…"

The Piano Man

Set in 1927 Boston—a time of Bolsheviks, labor strikes, and bombs—a troubled young pianist learns a disturbing family secret and plans a ruthless revenge. But will his cruel trick lead to more grief, or will it begin to free his crushed spirit?

Carla, Swept Away 

When tragedy strikes a Texas Gulf Coast family, Sarah, the 10-year-old daughter, watches her family unravel. The arrival of Hurricane Carla intensifies the trauma. Will they find the strength to come back from the brink and begin to heal?

He's a Rebel

A shy, awkward eighth-grader gets a dare from her savvy best friend that entails Frankie, the local hoodlum. When he lures her to his home, she discovers the world can be a cruel and brutal place. Will she be a victim, or meet fire with fire?

Tiger, Tiger

A Vietnam veteran on his way to meet a secret lover reviews his troubled life—his girlfriend at home, his dead buddy Max, and memories of his childhood abuse—while flying in a black and violent thunder storm.

The Fruit Dish Finds Nando 

A blonde gringa grows tired of her Mexican boyfriend's complaints that she's not feminine enough—not like his sexy señorita sisters. They know how to attract a guy.

So she heads for Mexico—the home of the sexiest señoritas—to learn how to strut and blossom and bloom. Will she find some fruity duds? A new fluffy style? Or something even better?

Read at: Poydras Review (closed).

Baba Yaga at the Toy Store

A timid, young girl enters a dark and creepy toy store, but runs away from the grouchy clerk who is surely a witch. Later, the girl discovers some surprising secrets—the old woman’s tragic past, and her own ability to love.

Bluebonnet Cowgirl Blues

Cheryl, a young cowgirl in 1970's Austin, is plagued by nightmares after losing her twin sister in a tragic accident.


After her mother's abandonment and a fiery life with her dad, the accident is her final blow. She flees her rural home for college in Austin, then drops out and joins the hippies, yearning for relief from her panic attacks. Cheryl and her freewheeling hippie boyfriend, Brett, decide to move to the country for the tranquility of homestead living.

The story begins as Cheryl and Brett arrive at their new rented farmhouse. But Travis, the cowboy next door, has no tolerance for hippie neighbors due to his own tragedy. Cheryl is a spitfire who stands up to his threats. But the cowboy's son, Russ, has other ideas.

Will Cheryl continue to stand up to Travis? Will Russ bow down to his dad or take the initiative? Can Cheryl forgive her own dad? Or find her mom? Can they get the fugitive to safety? Will Cheryl stay a hippie or return to her cowgirl roots? And will Cheryl finally see free-loving Brett for who he is, and open her heart to real love?


This sexy romance will have you smiling, gasping, and yearning for love. And it will capture your heart.​ (Expected spring 2024.)


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A pika is a small mammal with short limbs, a very round body, rounded ears, and no tail.

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